Android Quartet – Pills Quartet


Don’t play with drugs 🙂 Better play our funny afterhour drugs game (AdFree)

* Pilltet – The Pills Quartet Game For Android *

There are 32 of the “best” pills inside 😉 this quartet. This fun card game takes the player into the shallow deeps of mind-altering drugs.

Each card shows a brief description and a classification of the pill in different classes like listed below.

This game contains 32 of different funny and not so funny pills.

The pills drug quartet features following categories, which can be compared against a “computer” player or online against real persons:

– Pill Diameter in mm
– Pill Height in mm
– Amount of different substances the pill contains.
– The name of the contained substances i.E MDMA, Amphetamin , Caffeine …
– The amount of the contained drugs i.E MDMA 1.2 mg

A great funny quartet card game for afterhours. Start to laught and check out if the pills you know really contain what you think!

Have fun but take care!


***Bonus a funny drug dealer card game***

Players should sit in a circle. Get as many cards as there are players for Drug Dealer. There should be one ace and one king mixed with the cards.

Any other cards will determine the the boot factor, so use lower value cards for less alcohol consumption, and vice-versa.

1. Mix up cards and distribute one to each player. Players look only at their own card. The player with the ace is the drug dealer and the person with the king is the cop.

2. The drug dealer must discreetly wink at any other player. Any player who sees the wink must then say “The deal has been made.” The cop then identifies his/her self, and it is up to them to determine who the dealer is.

Note: If the cop sees the wink, the drug dealer must drink for 5 seconds. Play is restarted.

3. For each wrongly guessed player, the cop must drink the value on that players card. That card can then be removed.

4. When the cop guesses correctly, the drug dealer must drink the number of the remaining cards left between players.

5. The game is restarted once the drug dealer has been identified.

Drug Game For Your Afterhours! Funny freaky pills card game! The Pills Quartet!


Android Quartett – Shit Quartet junior


The game is played with 32 cards. The computer is 16 and you get 16 cards from the deck. The game begins: you get a card from your stack that is displayed, and you can create a category that you want to play choose. If you have played the card, the computer gets a card from his deck and must be played in the same category. The better card goes into the pile of the winner. Now the computer is on the train and also selects a category and answer it with your card. The better card goes into the pile of the winner. The first player who conquered five cards of his opponent – wins.

Play Online or against Computer

Example Cards:

device-2014-02-17-215947 device-2014-02-17-215955


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